beameupjesus beameupjesus Human from Canada

This is gorgeous! I love all of your art nouveau-esque designs. You’re crazy talented :D


Yeah…I would really wear this. At least two or three of ‘em, please… ;)


I love the way you convey the natural beauty of women. This is a must have shirt!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Send me one!

hexler98 hexler98 Human from United States

I want to buy this NOW!

JordyGnom JordyGnom Artist from Slovakia

nice Mucha style….voted :)


Love the design, would enjoy hanging a large-form litho over my bar.

Egger Egger Artist from Hungary

252 votes?! bahh… the facebook fury… anyway the design is great, I’m a big fan of Mucha, so I ate it, but what are those rabbit teeth? :)

MeganLara MeganLara Artist from Chicago, Illinois, United States

Got a problem with rabbit teeth? :P

TeoZ TeoZ Artist from Greece



I think it is great. I don’t think they look like rabbit teeth to me. Your art is fantastic and you are one of the few artists who makes me want to buy shirts and graphics associated with TV shows and Books that I love. Your style makes so much of everything else out there just seem like so much schlock. And often your shirts are more affordable than their inferior mass marketed counterparts. Congrats on making this niche for yourself. It’s hard to do.

bluehairedangie bluehairedangie Human from United States

I don’t even like absinthe (and I’ve tried several kinds), but this design is amazingly gorgeous (++ placement), and I’d love the chance to buy one! Good luck!


Rabbit teeth my arse. The design looks great, Megan! I want it!

dvdesign dvdesign Artist from Argentina

awesome +1

dvdesign dvdesign Artist from Argentina

374 votes in 5 hours WOW YOU ARE AMAZING! congrats

maelstrom maelstrom Artist from New Zealand

Looks like an ad for a drinks company…....and she is a bit buck toothed….but so what? the colour scheme is really nice and art nouveau is always cool.
As for the spam voting…...well done on having so many friends and fans. :-)

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

+1 here it’s a sure print, I will buy it!

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

beautiful art! :)

endoxo endoxo Artist from United States

art noveau

alchemist alchemist Artist from Manila, Philippines

awesome on tee!print!+1

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