pregie pregie Artist from Mauritius

funny voted
plz vote or comment for my latest designs in my gallery thanks

barmalizer barmalizer Artist from kuningan, Indonesia

love it!

walaa walaa Human from United States

awesome +1

Bisso Bisso Human

Vote for sureeeee! I like ittttttttttt

cjjallad cjjallad Human

it’s a nice one …your a talented artist

dvdesign dvdesign Artist from Argentina

great style dude +1

teterivera teterivera Artist from Mexico

+1!!! I scream for icecream !! hehehe nice work
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catsi catsi Artist from Taiwan

haha, genial! you have my vote.

hibz hibz Human from Jordan

this is really cool dude! i love it :D i want one :D:D:D the coolest everr!!!!

anwar anwar Human from Italy

Nice one! I like it!!

sara2012 sara2012 Human from Italy

I like it! You have my vote!!!

Leemaia Leemaia Human from Brazil

hahaha funny tee

diegozi diegozi Artist from Brazil

Sweet! +1

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gwenola gwenola Artist from Nyon, Switzerland

Genius work, +1

MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

Where is the image from? Not the ice cream but the uniform I mean. Dig the layout and idea for this

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