pdro pdro Human

tres tres bon monsieur je suis fan!!!

oavice oavice Artist

the design has some tension that could be further exploited, making the design bigger offset maybe, overall its a really nice design …..I like +1

marieder marieder Human

skoul offen srrüe matias!!!

LaGuerrilla LaGuerrilla Artist

+1 like this precolumbian style…

Hey! need advice and comments on my submission..“One sky” on my profile…of course you can vote if you like :-)

ekifon ekifon Human

ça c’est la classe! c’est vrai que l’idée d’une couette n’est pas mauvaise!!!

mmpp mmpp Human

Mooi! really nice!!!

blablabla blablabla Human

toptop! Bizzzz chiapanecos…

Begizuria Begizuria Artist

milesker oharragatik mai! merci pr le commentaire benny-b! but let’s just try in english now, please… see you soon!

Beni Beni Human

Il est très très bien ce T shirt. On peut le choper quelque part? Je vois bien ce dessin sur une couette aussi… La classe. Ajoute Begizuria!

maider maider Human

I’m looking forward to wearing that crazy tee-shirt when I surf on the waves in Hawai…

Thanks White Eye and God save Queen Beatrix!

marianne marianne Human

the most beautiful t-shirt I’ve ever seen! I want to buy it!! I hope I’ll find it soon in shops because I can already see myself wearing that amazing, crazy t-shirt! can’t wait for… ;-)

uremai uremai Human

hemena daukazu nire botua. Ia mutrikun ikusten gean aurten ere , jeje.

Begizuria Begizuria Artist

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