ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

nice 1+, i’d like to see this in foiling. could you check out my new design “Fishers of Men” and vote if you like? it will be a dbh first for most embellishments on one shirt. thx much


hey,..but it really cute,..
good work
i think the dbh smiley stands for a human,..
and they are all smiling in unison
unity through art plus happy birthday dbh
it totally makes sense.

wheezyE wheezyE Human

agree with above. not translating very well. the only thing it says regarding “unity” is though contest slogan. maybe if weren’t all gold, and perhaps multiple colors.

meretyssi meretyssi Human

What in this illustartion relates the idea of “unity through”?
And xoxo, that other similar illustation sux too, it would look like a DBH staff shirt.

xoxo xoxo Human

a very similar concept’s been done already. maybe the whole thing is not too original…
just my 2 cents.

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