blacklite blacklite Artist

The way it relates to the theme, in my mind, is that all art is unified through the creative process. We take an idea and turn it into a finished product. The sketchy bit on the left represents that original idea, while the completed piece is on the right. I think this better conveys a theme of unity than simply putting the word ‘unity’ on a shirt.

wheezyE wheezyE Human

nice work with the scribble, don’t see how it translate to unity. just seems half done. Maybe a design where you can tell the design process by using thumbnails.

n3twork n3twork Artist from Santa Catarina, Brazil

Love it in white on a black teeshirt.(2)

and, the second t-shirt, apeare me is not center, i dont know but, don´t like so much… another color is better.

heat heat Artist from France

Love it in white on a black teeshirt.

ben2557 ben2557 Human

Definitely printable in tons of different colors. +1

Very simplistic, but the point is put across well. Voted.


nobod3 nobod3 Artist from California, United States

This one is simple and it works :) I don’t think it’s winning material, but I think it might be second or third place material. They should at least print it, so I’m gonna have to vote!

Aphte Aphte Artist from France

I love that one !

Boogieman Boogieman Artist

Simple, yet looks cool! You get my vote! :D Pls check out my entries too! :D

danaych danaych Artist

Pretty sweet. This could work in a lot of different colors and techniques.

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