leeed leeed Artist

nice works 1+ plz do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

Ezekeil Ezekeil Artist

the handle part and plant stem need some texture or shading or something. and the design seems to plain. good first submission though. I’m just submitting my first design as well today. good luck. Voted.

dbaby151 dbaby151 Human

this design is sooooooo tite.

xgurl3eb xgurl3eb Human from Nevada, United States

harsh wheezyE, if your criticism isn’t constructive, don’t bother. I think it’s a fab design, vote from me!

wheezyE wheezyE Human

send it back to your lord of the rings fan club.

nobod3 nobod3 Artist from California, United States

I want some blood coming off of this to make it better. Also, try and make it look darker. The placement is great and the idea is a good one so far, but I think if it was darker (the piece, not the shirt color) you’d have something that could make jaws drop. Voted!

yazid_45 yazid_45 Artist

nice vote 4 this one…
vote 4 me too…

k_a_calkins k_a_calkins Artist

awesome!!! I want!!

laili_ laili_ Artist

agree with blooper

Blooper101 Blooper101 Artist

It’s not something I’d wear personally, so I’m not going to vote. It is a nie drawing though. Good job.

kabalentot kabalentot Artist

welcome 2 dbh! cool! +1

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