THIS IS ridiculous, crazy job i realy like it

anevay82 anevay82 Artist

so sick

IsaNC IsaNC Human

I LOOOVE this shirt…Awesome!

Jonnyxb Jonnyxb Human

Just got this shirt and wore it for the first time today, everyone loved it, great shirt dude

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

i’m buying this!

this is amazing! if only they made it for girls on a black shirt :(

Thewhit Thewhit Human

took long enough to choose a sotw.

birdie3431 birdie3431 Artist

this is hawt

memokool memokool Artist

congratz! again, t-shirt of the week! nice.. We love the colors!!

kepski kepski Artist


fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

i knew

I bought one last week, congrats!

Savousepate Savousepate Artist from France

very beautiful !

Insomni Insomni Human

It’s sad that us girlies can’t snag it as well. :x Love the colors! May have to get a men’s small and just see what can be done with it fitting wise..

chienchien chienchien Artist

Oh My God! This is beautiful!!!!!

Design2r Design2r Artist

Wooww, thank everybody for all nice comments, and the DBH by the amazing print, I regret not having gone to the girls version too … See ya. ^^

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

took 1000 years to print but it was worth it!

batgiri batgiri Artist

wow how do u all make this,, i would really like to know

Pinak Pinak Artist

congrats! really creative n crafty work.. pl feel free to visit my designs..

dynatious dynatious Human


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