lovableimmu lovableimmu Artist from Maharashtra, India

Sorry to say this “ iamrobman “ i dont think the design actually portrays the 80’s !! except the disco ball…. and the votes are just given for the colors then congrats to everyone and u too ..hope u win : )

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

@lovable..nice comment bro.A little disappointed with this round seriously I admit.I checked your design and got nothing to comment hard/harsh and sees the positive side of this challenge.An hour of design is a total challenge .If you read the 1st page of my post,I’m not into 80’s design that I need to research the 1st 10 minutes of the challenge.I focused on music and the bright colors of 80’s as described on Wikipedia.I also observed the Michael Jackson element on your design which is also a part of my design.I even tell from the start of this tourney that I didn’t agree much on voting rules but still nothing to do on that matter.Please check my other design outside this Wacom Challenge so you have an idea of what I can do.Anyways,thank you for being true and not being plastic except for the last comment.You hope I win?Seriously lol

wagnogueira wagnogueira Artist from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Wow!!! Great colors bro! ++11!!

robbyiodized robbyiodized Artist from Philippines


eggzoo eggzoo Artist from Indonesia, Indonesia


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