Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States

cool, nice illo

Egger Egger Artist from Hungary

Alexander is Great, but where are the fireworks? :)

BasicShift BasicShift Artist

Hi Egger – good question! While the clock was winding down I was having a few hiccups in submitting the design and truncated my description in a rush. There is a halo of colors over the emperors’ heads which I wanted to be viewed in a more ethereal way. I wanted to have the low vantage point and the lights behind conjure up feelings of the moon, or fireworks, or a victor’s laurel. I had time to type fireworks. That doesn’t quite fit, sorry!

Egger Egger Artist from Hungary

argh.. I always forgot looking up is it wacom tournament or shirt of the day compo…:-)))) sorry

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines


chili_lely chili_lely Artist from Puerto Rico, United States


lovableimmu lovableimmu Artist from Maharashtra, India

wat is that bubble on top of his head !?

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