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i like the mixed media a lot. +

What fonts did you use? Great design, btw!

what a crap

I like the colors and contrasts

no matter what some people say, this is a good design. i love it! +1

a lot of votes for few little comments

I really like this one

Nice… I voted for u :)

omg I like pink!

@Rosa – and what is not “overused”?

The design is good, but I’d say pandas are a tad overused. There are LOTS of other endangered species. Somehow, they elected the Panda to be their president and represent them in nearly every environmental message I’ve seen.
Not trying to be snarky. I would just like to see this taken a bit further. You’re obviously talented and creative.

this is definatly one of the weirdest designs I’ve seen… are pandas bad?

this is gooooooood

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