wheezyE wheezyE Human

hate to be the bearer of bad news. no good.

I love how the music pops out with the bright green. Good job.

nobod3 nobod3 Artist from California, United States

What would make this better is if the notes were more legable. I think you might have something but it’s just not there yet. Voted +1

Very nice job! Great placement on the shirt; it adds a nice effect.

Chip92 Chip92 Human

bien!! good luck :)

Rika Rika Human

It’s nice. =)

TomoHASH1 TomoHASH1 Artist

Oh man, the first image isn’t to great. Be sure to check the layout for the full effect. Thanks guys.

you guys annoy me

wrocker1 wrocker1 Human

Lol, so cool.

I would date you if i could.

I think it’s pretty darn cool.

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