memokool memokool Artist

I voted, very nice

scforbis scforbis Artist

I like it! submit the remix! Voted!

sbaker sbaker Human

I really like this one boo. Great job! I did like the red in the email as well. Keep it up babe! xoxo

I wish i would have waited to post this, i revised it to look so much better. But thanks for the votes, i may have to resubmit the remix!!!!

django django Artist

nice graphic..maybe too dark

p.s. I love how artsy you spelled “entry”, that is sooo out of the box thinking…keep up the good work!

p.p.s. I voted for this design by the way

Fat-Mouse Fat-Mouse Artist from Romania

very nice +1


great design! voted. check mine out.

Would it be in poor taste for me to want to make out with you now, just based on the sole fact that i want to buy this shirt. Well get back to me a.s.a.p.

octopusmile octopusmile Artist

this design fits awsome on the tee, voted

russlera russlera Human

Another sick design!!!

Mdyak Mdyak Artist from CA, United States

This is a really sweet design. I cant wait till it gets made so I can buy one!

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