edition64 edition64 Artist

ayus sam. keep it up.

sampipebomb sampipebomb Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

thanx edition64!

paganwitch paganwitch Human from Venezuela

like it. very dark

StrawberryDude StrawberryDude Human from Georgia, United States

Nice work on the details – looks time consuming…

Waste_Factory Waste_Factory Artist from Singapore


karuna205 karuna205 Artist from tamilnadu, India

great +1
please check it

5cents 5cents Artist from Slovenia

Wow! Crazy details! Nice work!

dampa dampa Artist from Philippines


antoniomosko antoniomosko Artist from São Paulo, Brazil



MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

Some pretty dark sheeeeiiit

fionabus fionabus Artist

This rocks! The only thing I would change is to get rid of the border and make it bigger on the shirt!

Defame89 Defame89 Artist from Missouri, United States

dude this is scary dark…love it

sampipebomb sampipebomb Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

thanx humans!!

atatos atatos Artist from Bangka Island, Indonesia


zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines


robbyiodized robbyiodized Artist from Philippines

zickkk! +1

krisren28 krisren28 Artist from Philippines

lupet e.. +1

DavidBlack DavidBlack Artist from United Kingdom

Very cool artwork dude!

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