atatos atatos Artist from Bangka Island, Indonesia


5cents 5cents Artist from Slovenia

Hi hi.. This is sweat and disturbing at the same time ; ) Nice work tho! Love how subtle it is.

bananaoctopus bananaoctopus Artist from Tasmania, Australia

Awesome concept Ptirat! Nice one!

fourscore fourscore Artist from Indonesia

yeah cool concept +1

milofranceschii milofranceschii Artist from Croatia


jazrel13 jazrel13 Artist from manila, Philippines

love it +1

sakshamputtu sakshamputtu Artist from Karnataka, India


krisren28 krisren28 Artist from Philippines

cute! =) +1

Ptirat Ptirat Artist from France

Thank you everybody!
I am really happy and surprised to see that my design is appreciated by this huge number of person!
Thanks a lot : D!

adnanueupe adnanueupe Artist from Indonesia

cute +1


Hi Ptirat, I really love this design! I hope that it’s made available so that I can purchase a shirt :)

martap martap Human from Poland

how can i buy it? ? ? i MUST HAVE one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!v <3 <3 <3
...waiting for reply …. Marta

Sozy Sozy Human from France

Hey !
I really love it too, hope you’re planning to make it available soon :-)

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