Amunet Amunet Artist from United States

Awesome take on a classic +1

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

haha cool

alchris alchris Artist


FZDAkurt FZDAkurt Artist from Cebu City, Philippines


surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

+1 from me! great work! could you please visit my design and let me know what you think?> It would be great to get feeback from other artists. thanks!


JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

Love the idea! Retro is so in right now…I’ll be putting up a retro one soon myself… ;)

scratchingnerve scratchingnerve Artist from Portugal

lool nice :P +1

check out my design and vote if you like it:

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

nice idea!

ENIONE ENIONE Artist from New York, United States

thank you

krisren28 krisren28 Artist from Philippines

nice.. +1

check mine

ruba11 ruba11 Artist from United States

+1 :)

bladerunner bladerunner Artist from Qld, Australia

Admusing and Creative! +1

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