MrClutch MrClutch Human from Canada

This is the best t-shirt I`ve ever seen.

celestemu celestemu Human from Italy

buongiorno… ancora alzati?

black4sabbath black4sabbath Human from Italy

still rising!!!!

emyfalco88 emyfalco88 Human from Italy

ciao ragazzi! ci vediamo dopo…

morty morty Human from Italy

go on!

lolablonde lolablonde Human from Italy

raga… vi supportiamo! :D

barbiean barbiean Human from Italy

il mio figlio lo chiamerò batman

Draken27 Draken27 Human from Mexico

I like it… it´s the most representative logo of the film RISE!!!

pliniofernando pliniofernando Human from Italy

ankora in tempo!!

ermannone ermannone Human from Italy


CountDuckula CountDuckula Human from Italy


cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

this is the only design in the top 10 that i actually like, well done

komikero komikero Artist from manila, Philippines

sure win! congrats in advance dude! this is awesome!

tornapart tornapart Artist from Italy

Thanks to all the DBH users who gave us comments, critiques, support, votes or simply viewed the torn design!!! See you on the DBH forum boards, ‘cause I believe we, as artists, can network and grow together. Cheers!

AaronCorbin AaronCorbin Artist from California, United States

This Deserves to WIN! No question Nolan will choose this one.

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