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@joecan517 sorry, i dont speak english well, thats why it will be hard to explain u how i was able to achieve this. It’s so gratefully that u like my work. Thanks and good luck to you :)

KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

@mogwai786 I did not compelled anyone to vote for me. I was voted only by those who liked my design.
My work has been added in the last day and was on the page 5.
I do not see anything wrong with this, I told about my work to the other artists.
You may be a little upset, but your comment is the first that was negative. I think it means something.

mogwai786 mogwai786 Human from United Kingdom


Actually, you did compel people to vote for you, by sham reasoning. You used a rhetorical ploy of guilt and obligation on fellow artists. You told (virtually everyone from what I can see) them that you had voted for them, and that you would “hope” they would vote for you – knowing fully well that laying the guilt trip, people would feel compelled to vote for you by virtue of obligation.

Should it really matter that your work was submitted on the last day? That’s your fault, you could have submitted it at any time you want. And what about others who submitted it late, maybe even after yours? It doesn’t even matter if you did submit it late, you ought to respect and trust people to sift through the collection in their own time -knowing that they would get to the end of it and inspect all the designs they wanted to. Instead, you went to other design pages, and hijacked it with your URL. You are not the only person to do it, but you are by far the worst offender. It’s shameless, pitiful and lacks any sort of decency and respect to your fellow artists.

And by the way, a few people have registered their disquiet in the way you have conducted yourself over this. As for the rest, I’m not surprised most people have stayed quiet, given the way you have effectively sweet talked everyone by ‘voting for their design’.

For the way you have conducted yourself, I hope you do not win. Your design certainly isn’t worth 800+ votes.

KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

anyway, i hadn’t to put myself right with you. i didn’t break any rules of this submit.
i saw a plenty of positive comments of more experienced artists and it made me thankful. thats why it is impossible to spoil my mood with your comment.

i think its unnecessary to keep our talking.

SashaSkornyakov SashaSkornyakov Human from Ukraine

originally and stylishly

mogwai786 mogwai786 Human from United Kingdom

I don’t give a hoot about your mood. And frankly, if you think that laying the guilt trip on others, hijacking design pages with your URL and not respecting people enough to visit your design (as with others) in their own time is acceptable and courteous behaviour, then you need help.

It’s got nothing to do with breaking rules, and you know that. It’s about proper and respectable behaviour to your fellow artist. In that respect you have failed.

You seem to think that this is all about votes, and the votes reflect accurately to the design. There are hundreds of designs; and on average they have something like 100+ votes each. Some of those designs are spectacular and visionary. And yet we have your design at 807 votes, on average 700% above the average. That’s only there for one reason, you amassed a campaign of bombarding people.

From my understanding, there’s going to be a furore if you end up winning, because you’ve done it by skullduggery, guilt tripping and indelicate means.

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I can’t vote :’(

TheGux TheGux Artist from Romania


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