back2health back2health Human from United States

SICCCKKK!> Nice work +1

JasonJake JasonJake Human from United States

Def cool!

trinity43 trinity43 Human from United States

Need this for an expo. How can i purchase?

joseretlv joseretlv Human from United States

Skillz.. excellent work.

kunyux kunyux Human from Indonesia

crazy skillz ++++5

lashwhip lashwhip Human from United States

Is that available in a V neck? I love blood splatter, it doesn’t come up often enough for me.

axiom21 axiom21 Artist from New York, United States

@lashwhip – I dont think they print vnecks on DBH but that was my first choice for a format when i designed it. if they decide to print, ill see what can be done. thanks for the feedback guys!!

Knifeartist3 Knifeartist3 Human from United States

Let me know when this Prints – want 2

TNKF TNKF Human from United States

print !

scottydont scottydont Human from United States

Size xl please.. Nice bro.

faceyourfears1 faceyourfears1 Human from United States

+1 talent right there.

AnkitaPopli AnkitaPopli Human from New Delhi, India

nice artwork

mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines


check mine out and VOTE IF U LIKE ok? good luck to us both

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

This is great!!

axiom21 axiom21 Artist from New York, United States

Thanks⁄ !

anthonyatdbh anthonyatdbh Artist from Philippines, Philippines
awesome concept and work, colors are great :) +1

check out and vote for my piece too :)
http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/208263 Anthony at DBH

b3ef b3ef Artist from Philippines

Cool! Reminds me of DeadSpace! +1

bladerunner bladerunner Artist from Qld, Australia

Beyond Cool!

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