Cheren Cheren Human from Argentina

Lindo diseño grasias por mostrarnoslo me gusto muchoo!

minhquach94 minhquach94 Artist from Canada

please judge and vote for my design :)

Fistgrinder Fistgrinder Artist from Mexico

sensillo y original, muy chido!, suerte!

mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

simple and sophisticated
deserves to be recognized! YOU GOT MY VOTE!


surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

nice =]

Darksidespectre Darksidespectre Human from Costa Rica

Somos el Club Batman Costa Rica de parte de nosotros excelente trabajo, ahora bien es grato ver que hay gente que le dedica y le gusta hacer bien su trabajo espero les sirva de ayuda.
Espero nos visiten y les deseamos mucha suerte director de la Coorporacion Lantern Costa Rica y el Club Batman C.R. Pura Vida

We are the Club Batman Costa Rica from us excellent work, now it is gratifying to see that there are people who dedicate and likes to do his job I hope you will help.
I hope our visitors and wish them good luck, director of the Costa Rica Coorporación Lantern and Batman Club CR pure life

chano chano Human from Mexico

suerte esta chida la playera

0pTiiC 0pTiiC Human from Mexico

vamossss pinshiiiii sam

0pTiiC 0pTiiC Human from Mexico

ahuevoo tenia ke ser un cabron de monterrey

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

I need to come take marketing lessons from you over 30 votes in 5minutes…that is way too good a marketing, or….

morehuman morehuman Human from United States

@azriel- I agree.
@dragonballsam- The design is not bad, but you do know it’s not about who has the most votes, right?

mrbrownie mrbrownie Artist from Mexico

Wow? Dónde publicaste tu entrada porqué yo también soy mexicano de Tijuana, Baja California, y yo no tuve un boom de 1 día de casí 600 votos.

Ésta es mi camiseta

mrbrownie mrbrownie Artist from Mexico

Ah! Ya tienes mi voto, por cierto.

qudoz qudoz Human from United Kingdom

what is this i can’t even

cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

........seriously guys??? really glad this isnt a popularity contest

mntsrrt mntsrrt Human from Mexico

la ejecución es extremadamente pobre, honestamente, espero no ganes
your execution is extremely poor, I really hope you don’t win

tomy6545 tomy6545 Human from New Zealand

lol, he must’ve voted for himself.

MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

set up so many accounts, you have to admire the dedication.

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