Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines


vinman vinman Artist from Wisconsin, United States

Thanks glad you like it!!!

mahmoudb mahmoudb Artist from Select a State/Province, Lebanon

Hello , I invite you to critique my design


vinman vinman Artist from Wisconsin, United States

Thanks!!! This is really the first contest I’ve ever done so I am pleased with how it has gone. Mahmoudb that is a cool concept. I like it on the white shirt too.

mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

deserves to be recognized! YOU GOT MY VOTE!


cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

508 votes with only 6 comments…. something fishy is going on here

vinman vinman Artist from Wisconsin, United States

Thanks for all the votes from everyone. Feels great to be recognized in this crowded field of very talented people and great looking art. This site is great can’t wait to enter more contests.

CyberG not sure what all the fuss is about? I posted it to FB and people voted and became members of this site which is great for Design by Humans. It’s giving their site so much traffic and pub with this TDKR contest. There is great work here and many that wouldn’t normally see it are able to take a look. I’m grateful that people have voted but that is only half the battle. If the work is great I’m sure Warner Bros and Design by Humans will find it.

MakeGotham MakeGotham Artist from Finland

566 votes…sooooooooooooo funny. Good promotion man!

cvenegas1 cvenegas1 Human from United States

Looks great Vin!!!

vinman vinman Artist from Wisconsin, United States


Brucebanner Brucebanner Human from United States

The weird rise a billion times with a whatever image of bane makes top 10? I’m calling shananigans!

cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

@Brucebanner i agree, submissions like this make me glad the WB & DBH look at all submission and take into consideration the quality of design, the amount of votes & the amount of comments and feedback the image has had, i really doubt that this design would win any of the 10 prizes

the bad thing is this design is really nicely done, but its current position & feedback is suspicious to say the least.

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

love to see much votes here bro.hehe ..let me add another one.luck to you :D

voteforvin voteforvin Human from United States

@cyberG What is with all of the negative comments on here about all of his votes? He works for a very large company and we support our employees. He also has the support of a lot of friends and family. I think your comments are unneccesary!

Zenya Zenya Human from Philippines

Cool shirt

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