daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

very cool!

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks daletheskater! : )))))))

OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

Love the toon interpretation of Bane stomping towards the viewer like a raging bull! Nice use of bold line work and eye-catching choice of colours you have employed! Like the original use of humour in your design piece through a cartoon style! Great work and good luck!!
You’ve got my support.
You can check out my entry over here

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks OPTIKblok : )

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta
KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

+1 from me, I voted for u
My work was one of the last ones to be uploaded and it happened to be on the 5th page! I hope you will like the shirt that I came up with and you will vote for me. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you :)

sithsoccer sithsoccer Artist from MO, United States

This is great. Love it. +1 from me.

Please check mine out. Vote, comment, or critique:

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Yeaaaaaaaah!! You broke the limit of the 100! Who is the vote number 100?

: O

Thank you guys! Really really really appreciate it, your support is amazing.

: ))))

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