Jesse Jesse Human

lg, yasmin

wow, nice shirt
save one for me please :-)

complimenti e …in bocca al lupo!!

aknimsaj aknimsaj Human

your design is the best; hope you win; Good luck :-))

BEO172 BEO172 Human

... pa nije baz loze! lepo lepo ;)! ....
cheers from belgrade!

Ladie Ladie Human

cross my fingers 4 u! best wishes from paris

lexihexi lexihexi Human

... the HIPPEST shirt ever ;)

Silver Silver Human

cool! can i buy this shirt! do you have some more designs?!

Xanthippe Xanthippe Human

Very nice design, where can I buy it ? – hello from Hamburg !

tine tine Human

sehr supa – supa cool
der michi ist der beste
tine :-)

Marina Marina Human

WOW ——> I am loving it! :)

Digs Digs Human

Great! I love it.

medi medi Human

congratulations for this great design!

Ismeta Ismeta Human

AWESOME! where can I buy this shirt? pls contact me – thx / cheers

Sonja Sonja Human

A wirklich fescha hos!!!!

svrider svrider Human

Go 4 GOLD!!!

tanja tanja Human

Hej miki!
my inglisch is not very well…:-))) i frog mein daddy ob a ma a soa t-shirt kauft guat???

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