OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

Interesting street art meets Bane design piece! Nice homage to Banksy and interpretation of Bane in front of a concrete wall, as if he has just escaped from some prison! Nice one!!
You’ve got my support.
You can check out my entry over here

THE69BAT THE69BAT Artist from TEXAS, United States

@OPTIKblok bansky is nice … but i have 2 give my inspiration award 2….... ( drumroll ) david sweeneys LAMENT i saw RISE n my eyes & grabbed my supplies & this pic of bane was done & on my wall…. poster size!!! : ) thank u 4 ur support OPTIKblok it means alot!!!! : )

KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

+1 from me, I voted for u
My work was one of the last ones to be uploaded and it happened to be on the 5th page! I hope you will like the shirt that I came up with and you will vote for me. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you :)

THE69BAT THE69BAT Artist from TEXAS, United States

@KosAllinvain OOOOH SAY I CAN C ….. UR +1 2 THE RIGHT.. : ) thank u KosAllinvain may the CAPE & COWL B WITH U!!!!!

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