MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

meh. Would be way cooler if the figure was inked or something like that

littlenoogen littlenoogen Human from United States

graffiti :))

Pndrslnchbx Pndrslnchbx Human from Netherlands

nice : ))) looks good !

daBnB daBnB Artist from Belgium

Print! +1

maricarativity maricarativity Human from Philippines

yeah print this ♥ awsome artwork !

jerick100 jerick100 Human from United States

:D aye i want !

devine88 devine88 Human from Switzerland


dave17 dave17 Human from United States

print + 5

nick17 nick17 Human from United States

print + 1

john09 john09 Human from United States

:D nice +1

JoshuaCarvalho JoshuaCarvalho Artist from Portugal

as a graffiti artist i looooove it i would buy it XD

justin04 justin04 Human from United States

i love this shirt DBH PRINT THIS PLS !! :)) I WANT TO BUY WITH MY CREW ! :D

mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

street fashion
plus 1

Teknotron Teknotron Human from Netherlands


inharmony inharmony Artist from Hungary

Nice work! +1
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