zurigo zurigo Artist from Victoria, Australia


ahnakahrah ahnakahrah Artist

that is soo sweet…VOTED TO THE POWER OF TEN!!!

laili_ laili_ Artist

i like this the most from your design, deserve vote

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

love the colors!@ voted!+1

zomB13 zomB13 Human

Highlighted colours on black done well always look great. Very nice!

mason1979 mason1979 Human

very cool idea

im in love with this

me gusta

artulo artulo Artist

great idea and nice color. I’d prefer it more angled like wrapping over the shoulder but it’s very nice. V+

Dzii Dzii Artist

really interesting!

Dzii Dzii Artist

really interesting!

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

I really cannot help myself notice again and again how all guys and girls from france make these awesome designs, really, there must be something in the air there, I have to move:) great voted

whyball whyball Artist from Romania

really nice work, voted!

Shining Shining Artist

cool! good idea

ez-kun ez-kun Artist from Romania

looks great, love your idea. voted

thewhale thewhale Artist

packing tapes never looked better


beautiful color and creative design! voted! check mine out.

nkwheaton nkwheaton Artist

I love those packing tape rollers, this is kickin’.

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