Aphte Aphte Artist from France

Supernice !

whyball whyball Artist from Romania

very nice.

fateknows fateknows Artist

Emo! lol jk.
But nice design mate +

nikkokk nikkokk Human

i want this one!!!!

abaughma abaughma Human

Reprint… PLEASE!!!!!

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Really interesting. Love how it looks 3d.

StefanValent StefanValent Artist from Canada

I, too, would buy a reprint of this.

Man This shirt is AMAZING, I certainly hope DBH does a reprint.

Shining Shining Artist

Thanks to for comments! :-)




justyeny justyeny Human

reprint! please!

Cinatas Cinatas Human

I wanted this shirt so bad. But it’s completely sold out in all sizes :(

Damnathan Damnathan Human

Take it from a gay man, adhawkins—if you say “homosexual” in everyday conversation, you’re either a homophobe or you need to get out more (or very possibly both). Dude. What’s more, if you have a girlfriend, chances for you being mistaken for gay are pretty slim; get over yourself. And I love the “I’m straight” at the end just to be totally clear. Why wear a shirt that makes you look “too much like a homosexual” when you can wear your insecurities on your sleeve instead? Ridiculous. Anyway, this shirt is awesome. I’m wearing it now, and might even buy a second.

adhawkins adhawkins Human

I got this and I thought it would look sweet, but it turns out the rainbow makes me look too much like a homosexual. So I’m giving it to my girlfriend. I’m straight.

Anindya Anindya Human

hey i like this one…
and my sister just bought one! :)

One of the most interesting and abstract designs on a shirt I have seen….

Oumar Oumar Artist


I have been waiting so long for this shirt to be printed! This made my day

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