notion2k3 notion2k3 Artist



I say go discharge. =D Bleach ftw

tunetag tunetag Human

nothing special on this one

kweandee kweandee Human

Awesome…really like this one :)

sgerdt sgerdt Artist

ditto on the frequency of skulls, trees, and birds. my two favorite shirts – shirts that I will be buying when they are hopefully reprinted hint – are of a tree and birds, but there are soooo many great ORIGINAL designs already on DBH that should be printed.

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

This is cool…I like the technique used…And the location is very cool, props to the artist. With that said, Whats up with the skulls and tree shirts… Is that all that is needed to win anymore? Wait, what if there was skull AND tree shirt? Maybe also add a lions head, a robot, and a bird? I am on it…

baja318 baja318 Artist

Wow, this design was submitted in July.

I think I bought this shirt last year at JCpenney

c2designs c2designs Artist

Ha Ha so true, hippo should make a skull, tree, and bird one thus forever rocking the world of design

evesanay evesanay Human

I dont mean to be rude or anything but i dont like this….it doesnt fit in the graphic philosophy of DBH...i think theres a lot of people breaking their heads to come up with better ideas, im sorry but hippo is right

sgerdt sgerdt Artist

not to say that this isn’t a boss shirt :)

challen14 challen14 Artist

hey if you guys don’t like it dont buy it.

Love the gray wash!

anybody know the code for the extra tee deal?

ideaearte ideaearte Artist

congrats :D

moxanot moxanot Human


Gorgeous shirt! Order placed =)

lintbox lintbox Human

love it!

baja318 baja318 Artist

How many votes did this get? I’m just curious, because I don’t remember seeing this. Just want to get a little better idea how DBH works.

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

congrats to the artist but I really don’t get why this was picked…

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