Luke Luke Artist from United States

looks super sweet adam

Nice, I knew this one was going to win. Congrats

Edword Edword Artist

so cool! congrats man!

wow, that turned out amazing

WarholBot WarholBot Artist


WanderingBErt WanderingBErt Artist from New Zealand

Oh Hell yes! Congrats- looks awesome!

jublin jublin Artist from United States

beautiful beautiful adam! i feel privileged to share the same last name as you :0


Lupencia Lupencia Artist


adamwhite adamwhite Artist from United States

Thanks everyone, and Thanks Design By Humans for printing this!!!

I can’t wait to see it in person, as this is the first time a pencil drawing of mine has been printed and I’ve wanted to do this for years. I added a lot more shades to the final print then the one up for voting, so you are going to have to order one to see it for yourself.

Thanks again!
Adam White

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Yes! You know this is what I’ve been waiting for!

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

Congrats, I love this!

polynothing polynothing Artist from California, United States


Lupencia Lupencia Artist

your sketches are incredible

eskimokiss eskimokiss Artist

this is a print fo sure

littlem littlem Human

your knack for fine detail is superb. i love your style.

Edword Edword Artist


That little fish jumping from the wave is amazing. Well, the whole thing is, but I do love that little fish.

chelly chelly Human

ooooooooh i like this much better

stumpyhorse stumpyhorse Artist from United States

your color stuff is awesome but your pencil versions are phenomenal!

um…ok. print this. like, NOW! i’ll wait here with my credit card…

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