Petite_L Petite_L Human


andyg andyg Artist

Nice going.

gastoncaba gastoncaba Artist

Thanks for the nice comments.

I´m also surprised about some of the not-so-nice comments like “This is one of the worst “designs” I have seen this year” or “oh dear.” from one of the featured artists here. It´s amazing how they over-react to the sting of something different with offensive comments.

Don´t be affraid men. You won´t loose your golden chair.

berenice berenice Human


pepe pepe Human

universal t-shirt

slaterock slaterock Artist from United States

oh dear.

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

gaston caba designs always rock! Bonito trabajo!

bole bole Human

muy buena!!!

lucasg lucasg Human

me encanta

mercix mercix Human


ste7en ste7en Artist from United States

This is one of the worst “designs” I have seen this year

nice design!! my brother said that looks
like a ninja…üai am braitinin glish?
y como decian los ramones,
adios amigos!

gastoncaba gastoncaba Artist

yes, it may be a mix between ninja & ramones singer

quizas yo sea la detenida espera, que en el fondo se imagina por votar! esta remerita
una masa!
un abrazo grande

tifirex tifirex Human

muy buena!

Ciudadela Ciudadela Human


agustina agustina Human

muy lindo.


I want one of it!



wwwowww it´s really cool!!.

esta copada che :),,

nos vemos

suerte con la votacion es la mjeor lejos =)!

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