Lazbogi Lazbogi Human


bennz bennz Artist from New Zealand

seriously, reprint. please!!

McFlyHigh McFlyHigh Artist

WE NEED A REPRINT! especially in small and on 50/50 perfect tee

Jestik Jestik Human

except in medium, but DEFINITELY need a reprint! And DEFINITELY on the 50/50 Perfect Tee!

come on, DBH, we’ve asked for this one forever…


Reprint in medium please.
This was one of the shirts that got me on here so you could say it would be nice to get it since i dont have it.

ShadowOX8 ShadowOX8 Human

Will someone reprint this shirt already? Please?

Rodri666 Rodri666 Human


lawsong lawsong Human


reprint plzzz

metalsan metalsan Artist from Venezuela

Really awesome (y)

juutin juutin Artist

for the love of god reprint it! its such a badass shirt!!!

Lazbogi Lazbogi Human

I already posted this up earlier but for those below me who will write something like reprint…...I GOT ONE! Looks so good and get people coming up to me all the time asking bout it.

Will someone REPRINT THIS! I’m sick of this attention from this top,can’t wear it out anymore its so rockstar. If there were more it would be common.

minotza minotza Human

reprint please..this shirt is amazing

yea def reprint dis!!...but in purple/lavender or teal tee color!! ;)

hai. this needs a reprint. like. srsly

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

no kidding. reprint pls

IsakH IsakH Human

Reprint please! Same colors, looks badass :D

ShadowOX8 ShadowOX8 Human

I’m still waiting for a reprint…

Please… Reprint!!!!

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