Orbin_Nibor Orbin_Nibor Artist

very nice

theBrigand theBrigand Artist

Classic work – I love it when designers so well illustrate great use of few colours as opposed to feeling the need to go mad with loads of colours when it is made possible.


you’re pretty much a genius, cuaaah

djanjalay djanjalay Human


shibbiy shibbiy Artist

Thank you for the support guys, and I really like how it came out on the womens shirt.

djmehul djmehul Human

Looks Really good

pachuco pachuco Human

Ah I remember voting for this a while back. Grats man! And although there’s been a whole lot of bird shirts lately, I love em…

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

I think I voted for this. congrats, looks great.

duba duba Artist

very nice..congrats, man..

gloopz gloopz Artist from Brooklyn, NY, United States

congrats shibbiy!

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

Awesome design!

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


Kaminskyy Kaminskyy Artist

I’ve been waiting for this to win for a long time. Congratulations! I’m totally buying one.

Smccrum Smccrum Human

It looks a bit like the hand is poking her breast on the girl’s version. Basically screams “Hey look at these buddy, oh yeah there’s a bird here too”.

TBone TBone Artist

ya really great choice. im happy that dbh has been choosing alot of first wins lately so we can see some fresh designs

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Great choice! I was hoping this one will be printed.

tbau1191 tbau1191 Human

please reprint in large!!

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