tername tername Human

this is the best FOR the sickest kids, congrats

scforbis scforbis Artist

Kick ass! Got my vote!

jumpy jumpy Artist from Australia

one of the best in the comp!! 5$

i want this of a black shirt! vote ya!

aogdesigns aogdesigns Artist

Amazing work !

yazid_45 yazid_45 Artist

nice one dude,
i vote for you….
vote for me tooo….

wow, very impressive :)

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States


snoozzzzzz snoozzzzzz Artist

this is definitely it @@ awesome!!

ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

I’ll still post my design, but I’ve gotta tell you this is an incredible design! My votes in!

mr_t mr_t Artist

i lost my chances!
great, great design

eni6ma eni6ma Human

simply spectacular.

This rocks!

xjoshuabelangerx xjoshuabelangerx Artist from United States

winner winner chicken dinner

Stevolcom Stevolcom Artist

dam!!! lots of comment lol nice
wonderful illustrations!

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

Amazing +1

leighannayo leighannayo Artist

i think this is too boyish.
not to many girls would want to wear this.

this reminds me of guitar hero

von_brandis von_brandis Artist from South Africa

This is some solid work! I hope to give you a run for your money : )

edgil edgil Artist

god dammit man i give up

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