againstbound againstbound Artist from Mexico

Wow! That looks really good on the tee!

Damnathan Damnathan Human

This is really very cool… except, why do people have to go and ruin awesome designs by adding labels and text? It would have been so much stronger without it “the red dream” printed on it. Just my two cents, I suppose…

wizdom wizdom Artist

very nice, I dig!

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

I have never seen most of these designs coming up right now. This looks great!

en3r0 en3r0 Artist

Awesome design!!

Findus Findus Human from Norway

Finally! After quite some time with lower quality prints a good one comes along. And its dark! I need more dark shirts, great :)

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

wow! looks so cool on the shirt.

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

Man that looks great!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

best shirt in a while. congrats yet again Casa!

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

Yes !!! colors, quality…exactly like in my mind ! Thank’s !!!

Solece Solece Human

Wowww, finally a shirt that isn’t printed on white or cream! So badass too

deyaz deyaz Artist from Indonesia

yeah, i like the tone colour, this is awesome dude!

TimH TimH Artist

awesome design. colours are great.

marina marina Human

Oh ! Perfect design and perfect tee !!! Amazing print !!!!!

TBone TBone Artist

you cant go wrong with printing a shirt from casajordi. it looks great good job

omH9108 omH9108 Human

nobody buy any mens medium or smalls….at least until after i get the money to get mine! O_O (just kidding)

Olechka Olechka Artist from United States

I have to come back and comment again. Everything about this design is PERFECT.

Respiro Respiro Artist from Romania


This shirt is a masterpiece on this website!

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