Nice- I just ordered this one- glad it printed.

oh well hey i voted for this one! awesome! It really really does deserve to be printed!! I think I might buy this

theBrigand theBrigand Artist

Radical detail and highlighted subjects!

smonbro smonbro Human from United States

dude that shirt is awesome I have to get one soon as I get paid!

CardinalGoldstein CardinalGoldstein Human from Arizona, United States

Wow, another casajordi production.

LitoQ LitoQ Artist

nice work

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt


hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

not to be rude or anything, because I love this guys work, but UGH. there are so many better designs that he has submitted that would be better printed. idk about this one, I don’t like the color I guess. congrats anyway.

more than just a tee design; cool!

Finally he won again. its about time. I dont understand how all of his other stuff isnt already printed. This isnt his best design but who are we kidding our best is no where close to his worse. I hope they print his other stuff before they print gay desings again. Great job!

aaroni268 aaroni268 Artist


I agree with Damnathan – this shirt would be phenomenal without the text. The red dream should be implied. Regardless, this is outstanding work. Great job!

beyondthechuchu beyondthechuchu Artist from France, France

gniiiiii!!!! je suis supra content, celui il méritait vraiment!!! :D

marina marina Human


Mike281 Mike281 Human

I voted…and will be buying. Nice shirt!

ckoelle ckoelle Artist

wowzers. that’s alot of detail!! excellent printing, great work! congrats!

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

Congrats. This is a beautiful shirt.

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

congrats man!!! :)

ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

congrats on the 7th, way to go :)

harlxx harlxx Human


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