Drebin893 Drebin893 Human

I freakin love this design, but I still don’t own it! Reprint for women please? It’s a tragedy, being unable to buy this beautiful shirt. Thank you!

trixxxie trixxxie Human from Afghanistan

dear god please reprint!

topdog22 topdog22 Human

reprint these!!

Humanoid21 Humanoid21 Human from Colorado, United States

There needs to be more mediums, i want this shirt severly bad.

Kronikle Kronikle Human

A reprint in men’s medium would be awesome.

Awesome. This is a definite buy on my side. Thanks for re-print.

Nuclearbear Nuclearbear Artist

Shirts on the blog…check out the post www.nuclerbear.com

MINGO@DBH MINGO@DBH Artist from Taiwan

Reprint for women please!

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

just got this in the mail. wearing it at work right now! wow! probably my favorite DBH shirt ever! the print looks amazing! great job by casajordi and DBH!

Just ordered and can’t wait for it already! As the love was given to me, I shall give out my love for in the form of 10% off! XZL2Q0 is the code, expires August 5!

PolDreda PolDreda Human

This one is super crazy sexy awesome !!!
I hope they will ship my shirts to Russia and not loose them somewhere

daydr3am3r daydr3am3r Human from Netherlands

Sharing the love myself, since I also benefited from a discount, use 057SYV, expires Aug 22.

xesqueda xesqueda Human

Bring it back please in mens

chrisgfx chrisgfx Human

Could you please reprint large mens size please

Anybody knows when will be the reprints of this shirt? I’m so disapointed that my size is out of stock.

Matikus Matikus Human

Please reprint. Mens large.

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