perestrojka! great man! ALL YOUR DESIGNS DESERVE TO WIN

joey66 joey66 Human

Very spacey ;-)) Voted !

vespamike1 vespamike1 Artist

Dear phonan, thanks for your comment which is appreciated. Actually I don’t know either what the big orange burst shape is supposed to be, but I like it as it was part of the original russian stamp. The same for the text. I think those elements are “stabilizing” the whole concept, otherwise it would be too much to look good.

phonan phonan Artist

Good concept and I like your rendition of the astronauts but I think the text needs work and I don’t know what the big orange burst shape suppose to be. Just my humble opinion.

CCGrocksU CCGrocksU Human

this needs to win!


i love all things russian, so you have my vote. btw, if you want to read a kickass book based in cold war russia, pick up “Child 44”

vespamike1 vespamike1 Artist

Thanks for the nice comments and votes !!

samtdesign samtdesign Artist from United States

cool design +1

artulo artulo Artist

cool idea, nice illustration. V+

sandycan sandycan Human

Very cool, voted !!

Damnhot Damnhot Human

Great artwork, nice idea !!

Ismeta Ismeta Human

Awesome, I love the colour code and the placement !!

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