I love the beetles! Not the band, the shirt, Silly :)

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Wearing this would make other’s skin crawl.

akoelle akoelle Artist

oh you know those beetles. . .so hard to get them to march in a straight line. . .i’ve told them so many times, but they just won’t listen. . .

winout winout Human

a little too unorganized for me.

Here they come.

kwuthrich kwuthrich Human

great bug mugs
so lovely drawing you

cmeyer78 cmeyer78 Human

Hey Annie, this is Clint, Melissa’s buddy. I shot you a vote, love the BUGGIES!! keep up the good work!

love this!!!

aman aman Artist

Awesome again, great work!++

I LOVE the design…but I hate those bugs! Gross! You are so random…from butterflies to bugs. =o) Oh well, God made them all!

aaron aaron Human


another wonder, dear sister. i really really love this.

I’m the first Vote. WOOT. This is a winner for sure. Good Luck!

Annie, my sister. I wear this shirt at least once a week and I love it. It’s beautiful. I wore it for Halloween even, and received numerous compliments. You did good work.

like the dark tones. nice. You art is very earthy.

2662 2662 Artist

Shame you keep getting printed, none of your designs scream “buy me” to me.

N0osheen818 N0osheen818 Artist

Congrats,, It looks awesome

snipegoat snipegoat Human

that is very sweet, i so want to buy this one, it reminds me of saosin

awonder91 awonder91 Human

im scared of beetles. but i would rock this shirt!

pachuco pachuco Human

haha what a great shirt! I love it! funny thing is, I made a “diptera” [flies] design a while ago that I never submitted xD

totally getting this though :)

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