wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

I want this, how did I miss it?

GeLO GeLO Artist from Israel


ooh nice!!

adamwhite adamwhite Artist from United States

This is by far one of my favorites on this site, Awesome!

adamwhite adamwhite Artist from United States

I want to see more, do you have a site?

harp harp Artist

love it!

littlem littlem Human

great characters. love the details on them.

Bisparulz Bisparulz Artist

Good style.

kiLLyou kiLLyou Human


shiroshok shiroshok Artist

i love this shirt more everytime I look at it. its like love at first site plus umm like 20.

and times 40.

pantufla pantufla Artist from Santiago, Chile

la raja!

jublin jublin Artist from United States

haha sweet characters. reminds me of some nice chocolate mint and chocolate strawberry ice cream. and then the third guy reminds me of something else!

mj00 mj00 Artist from United States

Nice! The markings remind me of totems.

nice flow.

shiroshok shiroshok Artist


LoftySofty LoftySofty Artist


hagithash hagithash Artist

sweet!!! got to have this!!!

jackson5 jackson5 Human

Holy shit, what an amazing piece of curvy lines and outstanding use of the green color.
I want to see more!

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