illdthedj illdthedj Artist

hmmmz skullface…all considerable critiques! thanx for commenting! ;p

skullface skullface Human

more dino detail! no halftone? add a “W” in that “RAR”?

in any case, I love this shirt forrealz.

illdthedj illdthedj Artist

thanx dood! friend’s pity votes woo hoo! lol

seriously i thought people would like this more than just 3 votes. i mean, cmon! a tiny t-rex in a bike basket?? thats CAAARAZZY! ;p

cjericho cjericho Human

I fucking love this design Ill-D.

Your friend,
Dan Teh Man

illdthedj illdthedj Artist

no ways! Mr. T stays. lol
everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Mr. T’s is that this shirt wouldn’t be as fun without him!

and ouch! only one vote? this design isnt THAT bad….lol oh wellz, le sigh ;p

ronna15 ronna15 Artist from United States

no offence to ur lil’ friend, but honestly i really like it if it was just the bike w/ a diff. colored tee… just an opinion..

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