Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Thank you very much everybody! Yes, i am also thinking about a white shirt. This is my first submissions so i did not know i can upload different shirt mocks :).

DrStein DrStein Artist

simple but nice

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

not so sure about the yellow shirt BUT I love you title :)

foo-bear foo-bear Human

Ich mag dezente Aquarelle, und das hier ist wirklich sehr gelungen. Bin gespannt auf mehr ;).


artulo artulo Artist

I like it! Off to the side placement would work well.

piawerb piawerb Human

Du bist ein Held. Mein HELD.


Cool shirt! ;-)

pjdark pjdark Human

beautiful work Marius. the colors are amazing! :)

naalo naalo Human

Ditto on the white. Great artwork as always Marius!

aeiko aeiko Artist from United Kingdom

really nice mate, but i think i prefer it on white than yellow :)

I like the design a lot, but I’m not sure about the central placement, I think it’d look nicer off to the side. Voted anyway, good luck!

trige trige Artist

rad concept!

Ive bought this. I love it.

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