chienchien chienchien Artist

Nice nice!

strebjoe strebjoe Human


Angyman Angyman Human

From the looks off it you ahould reprint smalls not only do i want one, but everyone…good seller = ]

Angyman Angyman Human

Was just hoping if someone could tell me, or tell me where i can find out when smaller sizes of this tee are gonna be restocked? thanx peeps!

Design2r Design2r Artist

please reprint (s) size. thanks!

balee24 balee24 Human

i want it in large, too.. please please please reprint :)

Marslindo Marslindo Human

Need larges please

memokool memokool Artist

hi!! feel free to visit my designs.. and please do vote if you like :)

ckoelle ckoelle Artist

please reprint in MEDIUM!!!

SyNDRacuL SyNDRacuL Human

This seems like a printer’s dream. bravo!

Bench Bench Human

cool idea

Plastick Plastick Human

This one needs a reprint on smaller sizes

Frienca Frienca Human

This is awesome. I wish there were still small sizes.
Would be cool to see on a white shirt.

bested bested Human

This shirt is awesome, same questions as the blender… reprint? :D

I think the font is perfect. Will there be a reprint of this shirt?

ksaluki ksaluki Human

reprint agreed

StormInk StormInk Artist

The text is good, people are just dumb. What is annoying is the dots you put for eyeballs. Take em off and I’d of bought it.

Vasoline Vasoline Human

Re print!

jawni jawni Human

reprint!!! such an awesome design

rodert rodert Artist

niice job !!!

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