nookiez nookiez Human

This is my artwork you are selling. I didn’t gave you permission to use it as a t-shirt design. My artworks are free just as long you won’t sell it. My images are not to be sold by print on demand. (t-shirt designs, caps, mugs, mouse pads, etc)

I can’t post a url in this comment box. But the viewers can visit my site at sxc.hu and search for the Photo #1010436.

Bring this design down asap.

AMare AMare Artist

Esta está a dar hem?
O desenho base é interessante mesmo sózinho.

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

****i think it is the same =) i dont have ideias for the back

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

i think it is bue i dont have ideias for the back

Is the print on the back as well?



riko riko Artist


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