muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

cool! +1

skytigress skytigress Human from United States

I agree with akm, although if I were the designer, I’d try to hide the photoshop filter a little ..maybe add some color to this (just a little bit.. some accents on the eyes or a outline). It’s a good base, it just needs something else added to it.

akm212 akm212 Human

who gives a shit if its got a filter or not?? The design still achieves the goal of insane shirt. If everyone was so stuffy about “hand drawn” or “not hand drawn” we wouldn’t have have the great design we do. Great work!!

wake22max wake22max Artist

haha sweet that was my second guess. maybe give the lion some more color cause this is an awesome pic i think it just needs something more. just test out some colors on it and see if you like it more. just a suggestion

raylee06 raylee06 Artist

Thanks for the comment, the lion was pissed because there was actually a second lion behind it biting its neck

melonade melonade Artist

This would be cooler if it wasn’t just a photograph with a photoshop filter slapped on it.

phzzt phzzt Artist

Tha be der glowin’ edges matey. But at least it’s well executed. Nice picture.

wake22max wake22max Artist

wow nice pic, was the lion about to eat something cause it looks pissed

andellucyan andellucyan Artist

This looks incredible! Voted:)

raylee06 raylee06 Artist

I captured this lion from my last vacation and the effects were done in photoshop to look illustrated.

Looks like a photoshop filter

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

thats cool, did you illustrate that or is it a photoshop effect

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