AMare AMare Artist

Estou de acordo com os comentários dos outros (em Inglês) esta foto, só tem 1 ou 2 filtors e nenhum trabalho que mereça ser colocada a concurso. Espero que tenhas os direitos da foto…Se não é tua…
Mantem-te pelo vectorial ou desenho sobre as formas de uma foto.
I don´t think either that this work is some work at all. Your vectorial designs are better. You are young, continue and learn whith the opinions.

skipper67 skipper67 Human

this is the dumbest thing iv ever seen

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

i dont tell my way i do my pictures

wake22max wake22max Artist

if you didn’t use the photoshop filter then what did you do?

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

Photoshop 4 ever ths Incarnadine i dont use photoshop and i dont now what is it but thanks

Incarnadine Incarnadine Artist

^^^ Great way of putting it. When working in this industry, and in Graphic Design in general, you have to look at the demographic you’re working for, and appeal to them. This, well, is just a photo with an obvious (and over used) photoshop filter on it. DBH would appear to like a more vectorized, stylized approach to figures. Try using this photo as a starting point, and redraw it, trace, if you have to (it’s your own photo, anyhow), and just see if you can alter/improve color harmony, and aesthetic appeal of the design over the photograph. You should also consider the shape of the canvas you’re working on. In the placement image, I see the bird’s beak and part of its head is on a sleeve, which is going to be considerably warped if worn, ruining a focal point of the photograph. Just some tips! Spend more time on your design, look it over for a while, and ask yourself, “Will people buy this?”

phzzt phzzt Artist

Part of DBH is learning what people want if you want to get printed. While the picture is amazing, and you can use filters, play around with the levels or contrast to give it a more artistic, drawn look. That’s a good first step and then you can look into vector art if you want a really crisp image. I like how the branch fits the shirt myself. The placement is good, you just need to work on reading the DBH culture. Two things to look for: 1. Would you wear it? If not, don’t submit it. 2. Does it look like the style fits into the DBH catalog? DBH has an urban art style for the most part. The tribal art you did is the closest to that. Hope this gives you a starting point and good luck!

Kaminskyy Kaminskyy Artist

Stop bashin on em guys! I mean… its his favorite picture of all he has…

melonade melonade Artist

It looks like you took a photo and put one filter on it.

Bad job.

Mindstate Mindstate Artist

Sorry but seriously I wouldn’t see this on a pic. Just a photo that you put a PhotoShop filter on.

Incarnadine Incarnadine Artist

Sorry, but seriously, how long did you spend on this? It’s a cut out from a photo with a Photoshop filter plainly pasted over it. I don’t mean to be rude about it, it’s a nice photo, just not ideal for a t shirt.

Qtronix Qtronix Artist

This Pic is the my most favourite of all pictures i have!!! =)

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