drav drav Artist

@evopi : haha thx bro

evopi evopi Human

I’m voting for this one, love the colors bro!
hmmm..maybe together we should go to bali then haha..

drav drav Artist

thx :D

AiGenki AiGenki Human

i like it


drav drav Artist


goenz goenz Artist from Singapore

cool drav.voted :)

drav drav Artist


gals0403 gals0403 Human

wow..one of the best graphic designer in indonesia? COOOLL!!

landi_27 landi_27 Human

great art….....so this is inspired from our vacation on bali????
rock on dude…..godspeed

merzy merzy Human


ReaLFake ReaLFake Human

Wow…. what an inspiring art!!!
You got a very amazing talent over there boy….
keep up teh good work!!!!

OMG Amreey?? the famous Amreey? I didnt notice!! He is one of the best graphic designer in Indonesia!!!

AlexMacDuff AlexMacDuff Artist from TX, United States


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