october october Artist

the lines are really cool, maybe a different color, or more though. but +1 still

moser moser Artist from United States

needs different placement but very awsome

Soae-kreation Soae-kreation Human from Spain


AlexMacDuff AlexMacDuff Artist from TX, United States

really likin’ this.

...looks like any other shirt with lines. nice i guess…i just wish people would come up with something that hasn’t already been done a couple donzen times.

Fouad Fouad Artist

I dig it…

markw1 markw1 Human

freakin’ sweet!

Tees Tees Artist

It’s cool!

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

Great lines!!!+1

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

yeah it just stops before the seem of the shirt. I’d prefer to see it go round the back of the neck aswell. Great fusions though.

DrStein DrStein Artist

Very nice… The placement makes it great

Aphte Aphte Artist from France

I like it !

the_jcw the_jcw Artist


extrem extrem Artist

See the placement, pls, it’s much more important than the graphics itself.

iotadial iotadial Artist

the placement is indeed making this design. great work.

curliecue curliecue Artist

i think i’d like the placement better if the part at the top extended past the neckline between the neck and the edge of the shoulder. it would utilize the negative space in the (top) center better i think and it would look a little less awkward just stuck at the bottom of the neckline. other that the top part there, i think the placement is fine. :)

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