bowseykoopa bowseykoopa Artist

Another great one!


cupowar cupowar Human

Love it, love it.

robsoul robsoul Artist from United States

Just in time for halloween!

sonmi sonmi Artist

yes! i love the text as is, too. love the transparency

Steven Steven Artist

i love this

Rudeboy Rudeboy Human

I agree with jonnyboy…

Luke Luke Artist from United States

tasty transparencies…

ir0cko ir0cko Human

glow in the dark ink would be awesome!

pilihp pilihp Artist

Black ink on dark gray shirt with glow in the dark ink for the text and the night light… and maybe a glossy finish on the tentacles and pool of ooze :)

jonnyboy jonnyboy Human

nice idea :)
id either lose the text or make it much smaller and not right on the illustration.

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Cute. Glow ink would work here.

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