huebucket huebucket Artist from Thailand


hellopoe hellopoe Artist

gah the pic of the shirt wont load! But I already know I love it already, and that you and Amelie are ace.

Leon Leon Artist from Australia

this is awesome. congrats.

sabrexiii sabrexiii Human

awesome design. congrats!

akoelle akoelle Artist

this looks great!

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

Congrats Bram! Looks great.

polynothing polynothing Artist from California, United States

congrats! Looks great!

Lupencia Lupencia Artist

looks great! love the wires coming out

hellopoe hellopoe Artist


opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

sweet design!

The line work is beautiful.

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Alternative placement here:


Caltd Caltd Human

Sweet! But… Please don’t put it on my belly! That’s a sure-fire way to avoid a purchase from me… No belly prints! ;)

natakuchad natakuchad Artist from Cebu, Philippines

dis be da freshest!

staffell staffell Artist


sagral sagral Human


RCA22 RCA22 Human

I like it

Rudeboy Rudeboy Human

Music themes are ALWAYS catchy!

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Once again, be sure to check out the placements linked above. Thanks for the comments so far.

lehel lehel Artist


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