nintin nintin Human

your work is special! respect!

bajidoo bajidoo Artist from California, United States

Love this one!

laili_ laili_ Artist

haik!!wachaa!!yup..i also also like like this

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

Oh my god this is beautiful!!!!

This is a winner!!!

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States


DrStein DrStein Artist

Great illustration, the colors look great with that texture

Orgone Orgone Artist


elgoulo elgoulo Artist

ur best 1 yet

AlexMacDuff AlexMacDuff Artist from TX, United States

awesome illustration. that guy got some big dogs.

nazanin nazanin Human

ton illustration est génial surtout le sceptre qui n’a pas de couleur!j’aime ton travail.

Koudwater Koudwater Artist

This one looking great too! Digging your style.

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