Foster Foster Artist

Great stuff on the gorilla. A little random with the other lines but all around great stuff.

Koinoi Koinoi Artist


fabiosimple fabiosimple Artist


Mymil Mymil Human

Sure thing, dagnis! Inkscape is really great in a bunch of ways, it’s awesome to see the open source community create such good software!

iggy iggy Human

looks like an orangutang to me- not a gorilla. doh!

iggy iggy Human

how the hell did you get the animal wrong- you traced it- so there must have been a discrepton of it somewhere near. wtf.

Orgone Orgone Artist

Urban monkeeyz, let’s go!+

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

i actually knew it wasn’t a gorilla. i first set the title for this “the right attitude”, then spontaneously changed it to “gorilla attitude”. sounded better to me. orangutang attitude wouldn’t sound quite as good. i’m no science illustrated here :)

BeadlerWorks BeadlerWorks Artist from NY, United States

nice work

gilb gilb Human

I hate your disgusting job

pointalex pointalex Artist


Anindya Anindya Human

reprint in s or m pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Foxtrot Foxtrot Human

I want this shirt! but it only comes in an xxl… sick shirt though congrats.

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

oh, wow, i was so slow i didn’t manage even to order a few copies for myself :/ reprint, i beg you!

vsim vsim Human


Bench Bench Human

like it

I promise if you reprint I will buy 3 other shirts.

TKeesling TKeesling Human

Reprint Large please!!!

Kriskof Kriskof Human

uhh only XXL? I wanted to order this too :\

Reprint L or XL… I need this joint

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